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“Given the increasing pace of widespread technological disruption, Leaders need to learn from the startup revolution, the secrets of Strategic Agility.”

Jeff Kahn

Our uniquely balanced, intuitive and analytical approach allows us to provide our clients and partners with the Strategic Agility they need to keep pace with both opportunity and challenge. S3i’s synergistic services include: Management Consulting, Investment Services, and Venture Acceleration. The S3i Ecosystem of global partners provides us with the “Alpha” we need to stand out in the most ambitious of assignments.

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Our Services

Management Consulting

We counsel leaders in the public and private sector as well as direct their organizations on the most beneficial ways to achieve their aspirations. Our approach is predicated on leveraging comprehensive points of views and disciplines from Management & Organizational Consulting.
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Wall Street Based Litigation Finance Fund
A hundred million dollar fund managed by some of the original founders of the Litigation finance business came to Strategy3i to create a new disruptive approch to the business. In addition, Strategy3i has been mandated to define new business models and implement them together with the fun’s management.
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Global Consumer Electronics Holding Company
Strategy3i assisted in implementing the growth strategy of a  $200+ million dollar “rollup/startup”, that resulted from a global roll up of known brands, and impressive IP. This includes the development and implementation of joint ventures as well as the creation of new areas of revenue and investment.
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Intergovernmental Cooperation
Strategy3i received a mandate from NGO which mission is to facilitate peace in the middle east through an increased economic cooperation between Israel and its neighbours as well as with the USA. Strategy3i helped develop the NGO’s strategic plan and has acted on behalf of the NGO as an agent between the Israeli and US governments.
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Digital Marketing Agency
Strategy3i assisted a digital marketing agency to incorporate strategic business consultancy services into their existing digital marketing services.
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Large IT Firm
A large global IT firm launched a strategic sales overlay to their group of independent strategic business units.
Strategy3i provided counsel to the management on how to balance organizational challenges and align internal workflows of the firm’s different units.
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US Based Family Office
S3i was engaged to assist a US based Family Office to approach a challenge with one of their portfolio investments. In addition, S3i created an opportunity for co-investment with European Family Offices.

Investment & Business Development Network

After years of working with leading Investment Banks and business leaders around the globe, we have built an impressive network of partners. Our Partners’ expertise stretches across many different industry segments making our Investment & Deal Making Network of Partners in Europe, US and the Middle East highly competitive.
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Real Estate In Europe
S3i was approached to help secure an investor in a 200 million euro transaction in Monaco.
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Defense Sector
The firm was asked to develop and implement a strategy to create a market opportunity in Europe for a major Global Defense company that was being shut out a market opportunity.
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Cybersecurity Training Center
This very exciting new model for training Cyber Professionals has come to S3i for advice as to how to create Strategic Alignments and raising additional capital.
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Swiss Innovation Center
A project to establish a Airport City approach based on the establishment of a core group of globally recognized Tech companies who have chosen this Swiss Airport as a European Center for their operations.


Strategy3i’s location in Israel’s  (“Start Up Nation”) Capital is a unique asset.  We have leveraged our own ideas, network, and  global access to launch and recruit exciting new startups. Through our powerful international network and experience, we supply specialized mentoring and help raise seed money to transform promising startups into lucrative enterprises.
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In cooperation with Israel’s leading Pharmaceutical Researcher, who was the winner of the Israel Prize for her significant Pharma discoveries, S3i is in the process of launching a Pharma entity to commercially launch one of the Professor’s most exciting new discoveries.
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In common law, a writ of qui tam is a writ whereby a private individual who assists a prosecution can receive all or part of any penalty imposed. Whistle Blowing in the USA is a huge business of identifying Fraud and assisting the government in prosecuting it and sharing in the settlement. Working together with the Litigation Finance Fund and a Digital Investigation Firm S3i has created a unique new biz venture.
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Mobile One Stop eStore
The simplification of the purchase of a Mobile phone, service plan and credit with one click is basis of this exciting new Venture. It is brought about via the merger of two successful mobile tech companies from the UK and the USA who have complementary skills and IP assets.
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POV Network
S3i has organized the creation of a startup focussed on the future of Live Streaming. Utilizing some of the talent in Israel from both the private and public security sector this exciting new idea is in development.
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“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Albert Einstein
Global Network of Possibilities

Our Ecosystem

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Our Swiss Partners

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We have been working closely together with our Zurich-based partners Dr. Borer Consulting led by former Ambassador of Switzerland to Germany and head of the task force “Switzerland – Second World War”, Dr. Thomas Borer. This partnership expands our unique capabilities and reach beyond the USA and Israel, providing us with exclusive access to the Swiss and German markets.

Dr. Borer Consulting specializes in Public Affairs, Private Equity and M&A, as well as Business Development.

Strategy 3i Experience

News and Media

Reshet 13: Jeff Kahn, CEO of Strategy3i, at 2020 OurCrowd Summit

Jeff Kahn, along with Udi Segal attended the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020 and interviewed CEO’s of 5 disruptive companies which aim to change the way we eat, sleep, travel and stay healthy. One of these companies might be the next “Mobileye” or “Beyond Meat” in the future…

Interview of Jeff Kahn on FoxBusiness channel

Jeff Kahn discusses how Israel became a world tech leader and explains voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Swiss Embassy Event 2020

Strategy3i had recently co-organized a unique event with the Swiss Embassy in Israel. A one-time special dinner at the Ambassador’s residence, which included CEOs of large companies, promising start-ups and successful investors.

Video conference webinar teaser

Jeff Kahn discusses how to set up, run & improve your virtual meetings.

Our Teamwork makes your dream work

Our Team

Jeff Kahn
CEO & Founder
Jeff has over two decades of experience as a global strategist and has held international mandates in business development, public affairs and strategy for governmental bodies including the Secretary General of the UN, the White House, the Israeli, French and Swiss governments. He served as the CSO of Ruder Finn (for 10 years) and AudioCodes (6 years). Moreover, he was the CTO of Broadsoft (2016-2018). His experience and expertise spans across the areas of international politics, crisis management, investment banking, media, communications, creative thinking and branding.
Pablo Dues
Consultant & Analyst
Pablo holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLouvain Saint-Louis and a M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences and Management from ULB, Brussels. Pablo has experience in public relations management, as an analyst and researcher and is fluent in German, French and English.

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